Romain Bernini

Grans Bwa

Romain Bernini (Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve), 2018. Oil and acrylic, 5.43m x 6.15m and 4.40m x 2.61m

Romain Bernini works in the pictorial form around the concept of ecstasy. Cultural blends, crossovers and borrowings are central to his work, as is the subject of ritual. The hallucinatory landscape of Grans Bwa (meaning “forest spirit” in the Haitian voodoo tradition) immerses the viewer in a luxuriant, imaginary forest. The colours and intertwining of the branches and leaves appear to be transforming perpetually, forming a fantastical place. This psychedelic jungle is a door into another world to be experienced or dreamed of, and represents a transitional space onto which we project our inner selves. It is a pictorial journey like a dialogue between the order and disorder of the world.