Wood and the City

The task of landscaping the area alongside the passage was handed to Michel Desvigne, who conceived a "green lung" made up of more than 60 varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers including Scots pine, Japanese maple, shadbush and Himalayan birch, as well as entrancing white and blue flowering bulbs. Great consideration was paid to the planting scheme and the placement of the artworks in collaboration with architect Franklin Azzi. The initial environmental specifications for the development called for 16 tall trees to be planted ; in the end, Michel Desvigne and his team planted 25. With a mixture of evergreen foliage, leaves that change colour through the seasons and stunning blossom displays as well as permanent and changing planting schemes in island beds, the landscaping at Beaupassage sensitively reflects the "false natural topography" of the site itself. This was an exciting and rewarding challenge for an urban garden in the city centre.