Michel Desvigne

The man who brings the forest to the city.


In 1986, Michel Desvigne was the first landscape designer to win a residency at the French Academy in Rome, where he was mesmerised by the Renaissance gardens with their stone pines planted by Ingres. Desvigne's career was launched by the international award-winning architect Renzo Piano, who teaches at institutions including Lausanne and Harvard. Desvigne works on projects around the world, with more than 150 completed to date. In cities, ports, riverside sites, former mines, campuses, museums and private villas from Paris, Qatar, Lebanon and Tuscany to Lyon, Casablanca, Marseille and London, his planting schemes are restorative and captivating. Meticulously chosen and combined trees, flowers and shrubs are laid out in intelligent yet instinctive arrangements in parks and gardens. For Beaupassage, Michel Desvigne has created a miniature forest inspired by the woods around Paris.